[Seaside] Where to set a session locale?

Boris Popov, DeepCove Labs boris at deepcovelabs.com
Thu Oct 21 08:18:20 UTC 2010


If you load Seaside-I18N you'll have access to a new filter that sets the locale for the session via,

self session locale: #en_CA

The only catch (and it's a biggie that I hope Cincom addresses soon given their push for web applications) is that current versions of VisualWorks do not support multiple message catalogues per-image out-of-the-box. I have the following hack in place to get around that,

MessageCatalogManager class>>updateCatalogs

	| id manager |
	 id := Locale current languageID.
	 manager := self new: id.
	 MessageCatalog withAllSubclasses do: [:class | class catalogsDo: [:catalog | manager add: catalog]].

and I manually force load of all catalogues via,

MyApplicationRoot class>>refreshCatalogs

	| path |
	path := '.\messages' asLogicalFileSpecification.
	(IndexedFileMessageCatalog directories includes: path)
			[IndexedFileMessageCatalog directoriesModel
				value: ((IndexedFileMessageCatalog directories)
						add: path;
	IndexedFileMessageCatalog compileAllCatalogsInSearchDirectories.
	MessageCatalogManager.Managers values do: [:ea | ea flushCatalogs].
	[self supportedLanguages do: 
			[:lang |
			Locale current: lang locale.
			IndexedFileMessageCatalog updateDirectories.
			MessageCatalogManager updateCatalogs].
	UserMessage flushCaches]
			ensure: [Locale current: self supportedLanguages first locale].

Hope this helps,


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I am currently working with a group of master students of software localization at Anhalt University on project to localize seaBreeze, the seaBreeze editor, seaBreeze documentation, seaBreeze tutorial and on a framework to create multilingual seaBreeze applications easily.

Thus I looked into Seaside how to embed our ideas and I got pretty happy:
Seaside 3.0 has all the infrastructure needed to create multilingual web applications. VisualWorks UserMessage lookup uses Seaside session information to get to the right locale. That's all great.

Now I have a question: Where shall I set the session locale? Actually my idea is to initialize it from the 'accept-language' property of the WARequest if it is not yet set in the session. I think the statement should look like this:

	self someMessage session locale ifNil: [self someMessage session
locale: (self someOtherMessage request acceptLanguage)]

Hints are welcome.

Georg Heeg

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