[Seaside] Problem smalltalk code

Alexandre BP abalonpe at ulb.ac.be
Tue Oct 26 16:20:16 UTC 2010

I'm stuck on a problem with smalltalk.Here is my code:
	 renderBibTypeOn: canvas 
	| tagID | 	canvas div: [ 		canvas label 			for: (tagID := canvas nextId); 			with: 'BibteX Type:'. 		canvas select 			id: tagID; 			selected: bibEntry bibType ; 			list: bibEntry bibTypeList; 			callback: [:value | bibEntry bibType: value].		 ].
I'd like to change what is displayed on my webpage according to what the user choose from the scroll list.I saw that there was an exemple of this on localhost-->browse-->examples-->examplebrowser but the code of this exemple is not online on the contraty of the other examples.Could you help me with this code or post the code of the examplebrowser?
Thank you very muchalex 		 	   		  
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