[Seaside] News from seaBreeze

Georg Heeg georg at heeg.de
Wed Oct 27 21:11:02 UTC 2010

Dear seaBreeze Friends,


You might have thought by yourselves: No news from seaBreeze in a long time,
is it dead? It is not. Internally we are using a version based upon
VisualWorks 7.7.1 and Seaside 3.0 product release.


Currently we are developing a new interesting feature for seaBreeze:
Internationalization and Localization. Today we had the great break-through:
The first multi-lingual seaBreeze application was up and running on my
machine today. We are working together with a master course in software
localization at Anhalt University. So please be patient to see progress in
the not too far future. 


If you are interested in a prerelease version, please do not hesitate to
contact me.


Georg Heeg


Georg Heeg eK, Dortmund und Köthen, HR Dortmund A 12812

Tel. +49-3496-214328, Fax +49-3496-214712

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