[Seaside] Glorp Sessions in ajax requests

Bart Veenstra bart.veenstra at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 17:56:16 UTC 2010


I am working on an Ajax heavy application with Glorp as my mapping
framework. I use the Glorp filter to assign a glorpSession to my database
objects. This works pretty well, but it seems that for each request within
the same session (like an jQuery ajax callback) a new GlorpSession is

When removing all sessions using WAAdmin clearAll, the Glorp Sessions still
remain in the memory, (Checked with GlorpSession allInstances).

Should I worry about this? And how do I get rid of the GlorpSessions?

I tried GlorpSession allInstances do: [:each | each become:nil ] but the
object is immutable...

Using VW 77 with the latest seaside from the public repository.


Bart Veenstra
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