[Seaside] Potentially nasty seaside bug.

Bob Arning arning at charm.net
Sat Sep 11 09:47:02 UTC 2010

  If I file that in, inputValue and outputValue are undeclared 
variables. If that is true on your system, then all users are sharing 
the same two variables and the behavior you report will happen when the 
timing of concurrent users' actions is just right.


SeventhTestComponent>>inputValue(inputValue is Undeclared) 
SeventhTestComponent>>inputValue:(inputValue is Undeclared) 
SeventhTestComponent>>outputValue(outputValue is Undeclared) 
SeventhTestComponent>>outputValue:(outputValue is Undeclared)

On 9/11/10 1:39 AM, Lawson English wrote:
>  On 9/10/10 10:12 PM, Lukas Renggli wrote:
>>> I invited bunches of people to spam click on the submit button and 
>>> every now
>>> and then people notice that stray values start appearing in the 
>>> entry field,
>>> as though sessions were sharing data in some way.
>> Normally that shouldn't happen, unless of course you use shared state.
>>> It's running in a (hopefully well sand-boxed) account on my computer:
>> Can't reach it.
>>> Not sure where to upload the source code, but you can browse the 
>>> instance
>>> methods from within the page.
>> Maybe you can copy and paste the methods into a mail? File-out the
>> class? Or publish a Monticello package?
>> Lukas
> Wasn't sure how to get it into a public monticello respository. Here's 
> the file-out .st file.
> Lawson
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