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Boris Popov, DeepCove Labs (SNN) boris at deepcovelabs.com
Sat Sep 11 14:39:44 UTC 2010

Which version of Seaside-Glorp are you using? It works fine on VisualWorks w/o spawning new Glorp sessions.

-Boris (via BlackBerry)


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To bad I can't make it to Barcalona this yeah... I'll bet you all have a great time over there! Next year i'll definitly be at esug and / or Vegas :)

I will dedicate this weekend for getting Glorp sessions be maintained over a WASession. 

@Sven, I will use you reddit application as a blue print and publish my findings over the weekend.



2010/9/10 Alan Knight <knight at acm.org>

	In general, if you've got objects from different sessions, then yes, you're going to have to read it for the current session, or fake around it in interesting ways. It seems like the issue is why you're getting a different Glorp session for each Ajax request. I haven't looked at the details of the code, but I'm guessing that the mode it's operating in is that each http request is getting a separate glorp session and releasing it back to the pool again immediately, or just discarding it, and when an ajax request comes in it's being treated as a separate request, and getting a new session. So what you'd want to do is keep the Glorp session associated with the Seaside session, and re-use it for each request that comes in. You'd presumably want to make sure you're pooling the underlying database connections then, but that's fine. The details of that, and whether the framework already lets you do that are left as an exercise to the reader, as I'm in Barcelona enjoying myself prior to the start of ESUG :-) 

	At 02:27 PM 2010-09-10, Bart Veenstra wrote:

		And another thing is bugging me during the development.
		How do I cope with glorp objects that are stored in a WAComponent, like the current user, and use that when I update other glorp objects. It keeps pushing me a DuplicatePrimaryKeyException because the object is not in the current session. I need to reinstantiate the current user in the session with a database lookup, before I can use it again...
		So, How to properly mix glorp objects coming from different sessions? This could be resolved, if the glorpFilter stays put in the WASession in each ajax request. 
		Should I drop the glorp filter and put the glorp session in the WASession properties instance variable?
		2010/9/10 Bart Veenstra <bart.veenstra at gmail.com >

		I am working on an Ajax heavy application with Glorp as my mapping framework. I use the Glorp filter to assign a glorpSession to my database objects. This works pretty well, but it seems that for each request within the same session (like an jQuery ajax callback) a new GlorpSession is created. 
		When removing all sessions using WAAdmin clearAll, the Glorp Sessions still remain in the memory, (Checked with GlorpSession allInstances).
		Should I worry about this? And how do I get rid of the GlorpSessions? 
		I tried GlorpSession allInstances do: [:each | each become:nil ] but the object is immutable...
		Using VW 77 with the latest seaside from the public repository.
		Bart Veenstra

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