[Seaside] Potentially nasty seaside bug.

Bob Arning arning at charm.net
Sat Sep 11 17:03:38 UTC 2010

  I don't understand what you mean by "never referred to again". Your 
#renderContentOn: incudes this:

html form: [
       html text: 'enter value here: '.
       html textInput
          value: self inputValue;

          callback: [ :value | self handleValue: value].
     html break.
      html text: 'result:'.
       html textArea
          value: self outputValue;
         rows: 10;
         columns: 60.
         html submitButton with: self inputValue asString, ' factorial'.

which definitely sends #inputValue and #outputValue. And your 
#handleValue: method sends both #inputValue: and #outputValue:. So maybe 
it would be good to boil this example down to the bare minimum neeeded 
to reproduce the problem.


On 9/11/10 12:55 PM, Lawson English wrote:
> On 9/11/10 2:47 AM, Bob Arning wrote:
>> If I file that in, inputValue and outputValue are undeclared 
>> variables. If that is true on your system, then all users are sharing 
>> the same two variables and the behavior you report will happen when 
>> the timing of concurrent users' actions is just right.
>> Cheers,
>> Bob
>> SeventhTestComponent>>inputValue(inputValue is Undeclared) 
>> SeventhTestComponent>>inputValue:(inputValue is Undeclared) 
>> SeventhTestComponent>>outputValue(outputValue is Undeclared) 
>> SeventhTestComponent>>outputValue:(outputValue is Undeclared)
> Interesting. I deleted those instance variables and forgot to delete 
> the instance var accessors for them. But they do nothing and are 
> simply set to 1 during object initialization and then never referred 
> to again.
> I'll recompile without the class var and delete the references to 
> those variables and try again.
> BTW, has anyone ever tried selenium? http://seleniumhq.org/   Or is 
> there a subset of these capabilities available in a seaside package 
> somewhere?
> L
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