[Seaside] Re: [Pharo-users] i18n tools

Panu Suominen panu.j.m.suominen at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 14:48:35 UTC 2010

>> Ok. I try to explain my idea better. With magritte you have to spell
>> out the error messages before you know anything about the locale of
>> the user who is going to see the messages.
> Nope. The locale is set before the Magritte code even kicks in.

Yes, there is some locale at the time magritte reads the meta-data and
creates the component, but this locale might not be the locale user wants
to use in user interface. User might change the locale/language for
the session but this does not affect the magritte
code because the error messages are created with different locale.
And I think that is a problem.

Or is there something I don't understand?


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