[Seaside] [VAST] Character Encodings in JQAjax>>#serializeForm

Joachim Tuchel lists at objektfabrik.de
Fri Sep 17 12:20:36 UTC 2010


I have a problem with Seaside on VAST that I guess is pretty 
VAST-specific. It is related to Character-Encodings/Charsets and jQuery 
Callbacks. VAST is not (yet) a full utf-8 platform, so we use 
iso-8859-15 as charset for form data. All is fine with normal callbacks 
and stuff, we can move Euro-signs and Umlauts back and forth between 
server and browser without any problem.

Unfortunately, when it comes to JQAjax>>#serializeForm, it seems the 
jQuery stuff encodes our special characters to utf-8. I can see that 
Firebug sends two characters for every Umlaut up to the server.

So I need a way to tell the machinery below serializeForm to treat form 
data as iso-8859-15.

I have tweaked WAScriptGenerator>>#writeScriptTag:on: in order to set 
the charset of Javascripts to 8859-15, but to no avail, because this 
only indicates the script is encoded in that charset.
Also, (html jQuery ajax scriptCharset: 'iso-8859-15') serializeForm does 
not do the trick.

So I'd be grateful for any pointers to how to make serializeForm treat 
my form data as something else than utf-8.

Thanks for reading


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