[Seaside] How to remove existing scripts, css etc from WAHtmlRoot?

Tim Murray tmurray at ecsorl.com
Tue Sep 21 12:27:03 UTC 2010



We are running Seaside 3.0


Our application uses the JQDeployment and JQUIDeployment libraries along
with a custom library.


For some components, I would like to unload the JQ*Deployment libraries
and load an older version.


Specifically, I am trying to use JGCharts1.0 




I am successfully loading the jgcharts.js library on the fly in my
component's updateRoot:anHtmlRoot method.

However, the library uses an older version of jquery:
Before loading this library in updateRoot:anHtmlRoot, I would like to
unload the existing libraries.

Examining the protocol for WAHtmlRoot shows now removeScript or
removeCSS elements.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.

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