[Seaside] Ajax + callbacks

AxiNat tibabenfortlapalanca at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 11:15:04 UTC 2010

Hi list,

I've got a problem when rendering a component on an AJAX dialog, I have a
table where there is an anchor in each row containing the following (among
other stuff):

* **| id |*
* **(html div)*
* **id: (id := html nextId);*
* **script:*
* **((html jQuery new dialog)*
* **html: (AComponent new withParameter: anObject);*
* **title: anObject objectName)**.*
* **html*
* **tableData: [ *
* **(html anchor)*
* **onClick: (html jQuery id: id) dialog open;*
* **with: 'Open my component for anObject in a dialog box' ]*

Now, this works perfectly, but AComponent should also be able to call other
simple components and handle their callbacks. Not only this, but it contains
a form and it should be able to handle its own callbacks without
disappearing. Adding these small subcomponents to AComponent's children
doesn't help, could someone please point out the way to proceed or give me
some example/documentation?

Thanks a lot!

Bernat Romagosa.
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