[Seaside] Possible moving from VW to Pharo

Alan Knight knight at acm.org
Sat Sep 25 14:53:24 UTC 2010

People seem to be talking about a lot of different alternatives here without making it clear which one they mean. The simplest ones that I'm aware of are, from the VisualWorks end
   - FileOut30  - confusingly named, but gives the option to file code out in Squeak format, and will do some trivial transformations for portability.
   - Monticello-Tools - allows synchronizing Store and Monticello databases, and is nicely summarized in Holger Kleinsorgen's earlier message on porting.

I'd guess that the second is the preferred option. Especially since the original question was not really about porting to Pharo, but to GLASS, and assuming that porting to Pharo was a prerequisite. I suspect that Monticello-Tools would allow you to emit mcz files which Gemstone will read (subject to the usual portability constraints).

At 09:48 AM 2010-09-25, Johan Brichau wrote:
>Hi James,
>That indeed works much better. However, it's not useful to export only a change-set instead of the complete package (or maybe I'm missing a possibility?). 
>To export change-sets from VW into Squeak/Pharo, I'm currently using the FileOut30 package.
>ps: Just a quibble with monticello in VW7.7: publishing on a repository also brings up the publish to store dialog, which causes confusion and erroneous publishes to the store...
>On 25 Sep 2010, at 15:34, James Robertson wrote:
>>If you want to have code that ports between VW and Squeak/Pharo, you might want to look at the Monticello interface that Michael created.  It's how we bring Seaside code into Cincom Smalltalk, and how we export proposed changes/fixes back to the Seaside team.
>>James Robertson
>>Cincom Smalltalk Product Evangelist
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>>On Sep 25, 2010, at 8:00 AM, Johan Brichau wrote:
>>>On 23 Sep 2010, at 23:07, Denis Kudriashov wrote:
>>>>be found. Than I tried to file out my projects into smalltalk chunks, 
>>>>but those are only VW compatible (namespaces and such..)
>>>>There is option in Settings that can turn on standart smalltalk file out format 
>>>Does that work for you?
>>>I just tried doing that and importing the file into Pharo just gives me a list of 'do-its', which are completely not adding code to the codebase.
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