[Seaside] Re: handleRequest: and Seaside 3

Martin Polák nigol at nigol.cz
Mon Sep 27 21:01:35 UTC 2010

Of course, here is the complete method:

	handleFiltered: aRequestContext
	aRequestContext request uri path last = 'tip.csv'
		ifTrue: [
				respond: [ :response |
						contentType: WAMimeType textPlain;
						nextPutAll: self tipCsv asString ] ].
	super handleFiltered: aRequestContext

I have it as instance method of my custom application class, which  
overrides default WAApplication. self tipCsv generates the CSV file,  
which is returned in response.


On 25.9.2010, at 2:58, fritz schenk wrote:

> Could you share the full solution? I would appreciate seeing it and  
> stepping
> through it to learn.
> Thanks
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