[Seaside] Should I become a Seasider?

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I started using Seaside (Pharo Smalltalk) a couple years ago now with very little programming background. It was rather confusing at first since there's a lot going on in the images, but in the end, everything Pharo does is brilliant... makes for a far better programming environment and as stated in earlier posts, debugging, code reusability, etc.
My advice would be open up a Seaside one-click image and book.seaside.st and try a couple things out. Seaside is supposed to be suited for quick prototyping development, so why not give it a shot? There's a ton of knowledge in all the people on this list, and everyone is happy to help others out. I know I asked a lot of really basic questions at the beginning, and they got me going (thanks guys!).
Just my one or two cents...

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> plication". The difference I like to make is where the focus in
> development lies.
> >
> > A solution for a "web presentation" site focusses mainly on the design. Here you will have a designer that designs "pages" in photoshop. A common way is to create templates that bring the photoshop design to the web. You concentrate on pages and usually you need a lot of markup in order to come close to the photoshop design. Seaside does not fit perfectly into this scenario. But I would assume that a lot of your customers just want a "web presentation".
> Off topic here... but this method of doing presentational development
> using photoshop has always struck me as the equivalent of using uml to
> design you entire application ahead of time w/o any consideration of
> the language platform etc.
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