[Seaside] saving an image while serving

Michal michal-list at auf.net
Sat Apr 16 15:23:13 UTC 2011

hi - 

Despite the warnings, I am really interested in sticking to the
simplest way of saving my seaside application data, ie periodically
saving and backuping the image. The seaside book states that 

  "saving [the image] while processing http requests is a risk you
  want to avoid."

What is the status on that? Is that something we can fix? I have been
running an image in this mode for a few weeks, with no ill effect so
far, but I have had major problems with old image/vm combinations. So
is this something that might be fixed already?

Also, I recall that Avi had made a number of attempts at having an
image saved in a forked background process, eg


did anybody pick up on this, or did anything come out of it?


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