[Seaside] saving an image while serving

Nevin Pratt nevin at bountifulbaby.com
Sun Apr 17 22:21:23 UTC 2011

On 4/17/11 12:13 PM, Sebastian Sastre wrote:
> The only realistic way we see for that is by scaling horizontally.
> Many many worker images will do. And if people needs more, well... you simply add more.

True.  If you need more, that is.  But...

...just how much data per second do you think you'll send down, say, a T1 
internet link, anyway?  And if your website keeps everything in memory (because 
the image is all in memory), and does not need to do any disk I/O, just how fast 
of a computer do you think you'll need to send that much data per second down a 
T1 link to the internet?

Sheesh, a Mac Mini will overdrive a T1, as long as the Mac Mini doesn't have to 
do any disk I/O to a database.

In my experience, the bottleneck is usually the pipe to the internet (unless you 
are using Java interfaced to, say, Oracle, that is-- in which case you *will* 
probably need a massive hardware infrastructure behind that little old T1 
internet pipe).

But otherwise, it is surprising how simple the hardware can be.

We get several thousand visitors every day, and about a million page views a 
month.  And, we don't even have a T1-- just a little old 256K pipe to the 
internet.  And, we run it on an old-generation Mac Mini-- about 3 generations 
old.  And, Alexa says 54% of the sites on the internet are slower than ours.

And, our bottleneck is still the pipe to the internet.  Not the hardware.  And 
not the software.

Go figure.


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