[Seaside] SeasideRest and complex structures

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 12:37:44 UTC 2011


El 23/04/2011, a las 4:44a.m., Norbert Hartl escribió:

> Am 19.04.2011 um 23:02 schrieb Esteban Lorenzano:
>> Hi,
>> I now understand how to use SeasideREST, and I'm trying to use it in a real application. 
>> What's the problem? well... I want my rest filters to replace a portion of the screen and not all of it. Let's say I have this structure 
>> app {
>> 	menu { option1, option2, option3, etc. }
>> 	contents: { hereAComponentForEachOption }
>> }
>> yeah, you need to be a little imaginative to understand what I'm trying to describe, but I think is clear: a main "div" with app, and then two divs, one with the menu and other with contents.
>> In my current application, if I press "option1" I can say contents show: option1Component.
>> So... I want to get same result if I do: 
>> http://localhost:8080/app/option1
>> any idea how I can proceed?
> Do you want to have a rest handler as a filter of your application that gives additional control or do you want to receive the whole thing via a rest dedicated handler? 

I want a rest handler as a filter to allow the application users to do /app/someBookmark and go directly to the right position. 
I can use leon approach (already used it a couple of times), and I can use my own hand made construct artifact (already did it a couple of times, too). 
But I want to use SeasideRest because I think is the right way to do it. Not Leon's, not mine: One unique positive way to do it :)
And yes... what I want is not a full REST "server", just the RESTful urls thing, but well.. why not use the filter to do that?


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