[Seaside] WAResponse and XML

Jay Hardesty jayh at panix.com
Wed Aug 3 23:09:32 UTC 2011

Hi - I'm having a problem returning XML as a response from within a Seaside app, after moving to 3.0.

I used to return XML by:

	self session returnResponse: 
		(WAResponse new
			contentType: 'text/xml';
			nextPutAll: xmlString;

but t in Seaside 3.0 I get: 
	'You can no longer return a new WAResponse instance. You must instead modify the Response contained in the active RequestContext. Look for senders of #respond: and #response for examples.'

Following the nearest examples I can find I tried:

	self requestContext respond: [:response |
		| document |
		document := MIMEDocument 
			contentType: 'text/xml';
			content: xmlString.
		response document: document]


	self requestContext respond: [:response |
			contentType: 'text/xml';
			nextPutAll: xmlString]

but in both cases an html document arrives downstream (with XML in the body) rather than the XML itself as previously

Think I'm missing something basic here... Thanks very much for any pointers,


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