Writing an object graph into a no-sql database [WAS] Re: [Seaside] ESUG SummerTalk - Fuel, binary object serializer

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 09:57:52 UTC 2011

> I am looking at using Riak ( http://wiki.basho.com/ ) with Pharo. When
> storing a “business object” you  have two choices:
> -       Store a binary BLOB representing your object graph.
> -       Store the object graph as JSON data.
> The last option essentially means you must do something similar to OR
> mapping, so I would prefer the first option. With Riak, you will soon
> be able to store additional indexed properties, which you later will
> be able to query. So you store your whole business object as a BLOB,
> together with those properties you need to query.
Hi guys. Sorry to come back with this old post, but now I am interested ;)

Right now, I have a requirement where I need to write a graph into a file. I
am using Fuel for that. Each graph, has its own file. In the image side I
just store the filename,  When I need to load it it reads such file and
materialize it with Fuel. I was thinking going a step forward and use a
key/value (a.k.a no-sql) database.

With Fuel, I can take a graph, and serialize directly into a ByteArray,
hence I can take a graph to swap, I assign an ID, and and save it into the
database. In the image side, I keep that ID. Then, when needed, I search it
in the database and then after with that ByteArray found, I materialize it
with Fuel.

So...first question is, do you think that could be faster/better than
directly writing into a file as I am doing now?

Now, which are the available Pharo wrappers for no-sql databases that let me
do that?   I would appreciate any link or documentation about them. What do
I need to use such databases from Pharo? FFI and a library installed in my
machine?  are there binaries for Mac OS?

Thanks in advance,

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