[Seaside] Re: [Pharo-project] seaside #stable on pharo.13?

Dale Henrichs dhenrich at vmware.com
Tue Aug 16 21:07:44 UTC 2011


The 'Base' group defines the minimal set of packages for Seaside (it does not include OB)... The only thing that you need in addition to 'Base' is to decide which of the Adaptors you want to use and you can have a perfectly functioning Seaside.

If you are suggesting that the 'default' to not include the OB tools, that's fine with me, but in past discussions the decision was reached to include OB tools in the 'default' group. The rationale has always been (i believe) that the naive users need to  have the Seaside control panel (which is based on OB) in order to easily start and stop Seaside ... The sophisticated and knowledgeable users can start with the 'Base' group and add exactly the packages that they are interested in ... 

Perhaps we need to have one more group that loads everything but the OB tools and leave the default group alone? If you are sophisticated enough to know you don't want OB, then you can load that group...


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| >> Hi,
| >>
| >> The ConfiguraitonOfSeaside does not define any #stable version for
| >> Pharo 1.3.
| >>
| >> Is it intentional or is it simply because the configuration is not
| >> up to date?
| > 
| > 
| > The configuration is not up to date... would be nice to fix it. And
| > it would be good
| > to have a version that loads a minimal seaside (no OB, which I
| > think this does).
| That should actually work. You just need to define what you mean with
| minimal (probably Seaside-Component and Seaside-Canvas and probably
| Seaside-Flow as well).
| As long as you stay away from Seaside-Tools-OmniBrowser it shouldn't
| load OB.
| Cheers
| Philippe

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