[Seaside] Standalone JSON Package

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 11:04:55 UTC 2011

I don't think that the JSON parser class has any real dependencies, so
you could just move it to your code.

Also there is a JSON parser that uses PetitParser (the package
PetitJson in http://source.lukas-renggli.ch/petit). It requires the
package PetitParser as a dependency though. If I remember correctly it
is polymorphic to the JSON parser in Seaside and it passes the same

Also  you find (several) implementations of JSON parsers on SqueakSource.


On 22 August 2011 12:19, Udo Schneider <udo.schneider at homeaddress.de> wrote:
> All,
> what's the best option for a stand-alone JSON package w/o Seaside
> dependency.
> The most stripped down way to load JSON support I found up to now is:
> Gofer it
>        squeaksource: 'MetacelloRepository';
>        package: 'ConfigurationOfSeaside30';
>        load.
> ConfigurationOfSeaside30 project latestVersion load: #('Javascript-Core')
> This however also loads a lot of Seaside stuff. As the JSON support is for a
> (non-web) server app only all the Seaside stuff is not really needed.
> Thanks,
> Udo
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Lukas Renggli

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