[Seaside] chained WATasks need to be in #children?

michal-list at auf.net michal-list at auf.net
Tue Feb 1 18:24:16 UTC 2011

hi - 

I stumbled upon this surprising property of WATask in Seaside3 today (because it broke my old code): chaining two 
tasks works only if the second is returned by #children (though non-tasks don't need to be returned by #children). 
Could someone confirm this, and maybe explain it? Here is a much simplified scenario to reproduce the issue:

	self call: Task2 new
	self inform: Time now printString

The above doesn't work, failing with WATaskNotDelegated. This on the other hand works:

	self call: Component new
Component>>renderContentOn: html
	html heading: Time now printString

Furthermore, as soon as Task1 is modified to answer the Task2 instance in its #children, the first example starts 
working (regardless of whether it is the same Task2 instance across calls, or a new one on each cycle). 

So it looks like "chained tasks count as children components" and must be declared as such in #children, while 
"chained non-task components do not count as children components" (and hence do not need to be answered in 
#children). I couldn't find any info on that in tutorials or googles, so: is that right? And if so, why is there 
this asymmetry?


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