[Seaside] Re: Clear/stop a periodic javascript process using Seaside?

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 00:40:46 UTC 2011

Thanks for the replies and pointers.  I went ahead and made this jQuery 


and then added it to the jQuery Widget Box on squeaksource.com.  It 
stores the interval ID in the .data() function of a DOM element and then 
retrieves from the DOM element when you want to clear the interval.

In the example I uploaded to SqueakSource there are three counters that 
update independently of each other at different speeds using 
setInterval.  Each can be started and stopped independently.  It does 
what I want for now.

I wanted to have this as I'm using Futures for some stuff and need to 
poll for results from multiple tabs on the same page and didn't want to 
do a full page refresh when each tab had results.  It seems to work for 
that purpose. I need to poll for results rather than let the Futures 
block because I want to port what I've done to Gemstone and Dale's 
recommendation was to poll for results rather than block.

I think the javascript code could be made more reliable and from what 
I've read it'd be a better idea to use setTimeout recursively rather 
than setInterval but I haven't gotten my head around that yet.

Thanks again


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