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Sebastian Sastre sebastian at flowingconcept.com
Wed Feb 2 16:57:27 UTC 2011

yeah, as I am a smalltalk geek already I don't think my opinion is as valuable as the one of the people we should want to attract.

I think that seaside has huge potential to attract technical co-founders already but we don't have enough press cases to get noticed by the rest. We need more dabbledbs kind of stories. That's the kind of thing that open doors for everybody.

So the best you can do is to be another startup based on seaside and go insanely successful. That will help us all.

And about adding things that may or may not hurt competitive advantages... I don't think that's the issue at all. The market is big for everybody already. Actually is huge. If we aren't feeling it huge is just because we aren't designing things for those audiences. So we aren't fitting well anywhere. That's a real issue (which you don't fix with code that is fancy stuff for geeks but you can fix coding for people that thanks universe doesn't enjoy suffering when they struggle to tell computers what to do (as we do enjoy)).

So those cases won't happen if we:

1. wait to investors to knock our doors signing checks (they will do that only when you don't need their money anymore) and
2. we don't listen (and do the right thing) for people in the design world: people expert in user experience and interfaces

we should be helping them to to kick ass and don't let them down because they know how to make the consumer feel better about something (something easily doable with smalltalk)

that will automagically make us to get noticed in the industry in ways you can't imagine nor predict

the irony is that smalltak is kind of the best thing to do this at programming level. Its code is insanely elegant (not always but often). Probably that's why Apple got serious on trying to use it but then dropped when the hardware they needed was too expensive letting them down at a commercial level (thanks Randal for letting me know that part of the story). 

That hardware problem is not here anymore.

We don't have Apple anymore too but we have ourselves, right?

So we can improve our taste and our design skills and our user experience skills and make a smalltalk with a UI that kick ass even more than today (no need to go freaking fancy... sometimes are simple adjustments that improves an UI x2 or x5 times, some times are re-aligning things or removing things)

we need to be the designer's new best friend (or stay in the comfort zone)

It's interesting that there is going to be a spring about UI in Bern in feb 26.

So one last thing, when dealing with UI and interactions these two books can't be ignored without some sort of damage:
1. Don't make me think (I know it says web but the principles are quite universal)
2. Universal principles of Design (more general but that's a none issue for smalltalkers that know how to get more concrete from the right abstractions, besides that book has earned every one of those 5 stars for a reason). 

And if you can't have those for any inexcusable reason, this is the least you can do:
The Least You Can Do About Usability

On Feb 2, 2011, at 12:58 PM, Geert Claes wrote:

> Sebastian Sastre wrote:
>> ...
>> our superpower is a combination of seaside plus a home made framework on
>> top of it
>> ...
> What were the main things you felt were missing from Seaside itself which is
> now part of your framework (is it called BrandIt?) and can they be added to
> Seaside or would that remove your competitive advantage?  The question is;
> which are the areas that need improvement to attract more startups like
> yourself.
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