[Seaside] TFFiler: creates file containers to store external files in Monticello

Tony Fleig tony.fleig at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 18:17:55 UTC 2011

I've published a tool I'm using called TFFiler.

My problem was that I had a number of external files that were
required for my Seaside web application. These were CSS, Javascript,
and image files that had to be placed in a specific directory tree
structure. When I moved my web app to another system, I always had to
remember to reconstruct the external directory tree. Over time, the
directory tree got larger and more complex.

For deployment, I wanted the files to be served by Apache and not the
Seaside ExternalFileLibrary. (ExternalFileLibrary was the most
convenient approach during development.) This meant the directory tree
should be moved to a location other than the Pharo Resources
directory, which was the most convenient location during development.

The current version of Monticello does not provide a way to save
external files with a project. TFFiler addresses this shortcoming. Now
when I load my project from Monticello the necessary external files
are deployed automatically.

Maybe someone else will find this useful as well.



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