[Seaside] Re: I would like to attach an onClick event according to

Robert Sirois watchlala at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 4 20:15:11 UTC 2011

My understanding is that javascript doesn't differentiate between double and single quotes.

Either pass a string in as the event (generated or static from the server), or simply import your code into the head of the page.

Seaside provides a great way to generate javascript, as per Boris' responses.

I personally use the jQuery classes almost exclusively so I don't have to look at raw javascript often.

Without further examination (I'm on my phone), you'll have to allow someone else to help you right now.


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> Subject: [Seaside] Re: I would like to attach an onClick event according to
> Thanks Robert 
> I understand what it does - however it does it incorrectly. The Seaside onClick 
> handler surrounds the text in double quotes, which invalidates the single quotes 
> in <snippet>expression:'external_links a'</snippet>
> <bad code>
> <button onclick="$("#external_links a").click(function(){return confirm("You are 
> going to visit: "+ this.href)})" type="submit" class="submit">Attach 
> Click</button>
> </bad code>
> My question is how to use Seaside to express the IBM example's code in the most 
> direct and DRY way.
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