[Seaside] Re: seaside Digest, Vol 98, Issue 12

Fritz Schenk intrader.intrader at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 04:21:46 UTC 2011

Paul thanks for following. The thread of interest is correctly threaded. To 
summarize, I have a problem expressing in seaside the following javascript:

I have a jsbin with the example at http://jsbin.com/imuka5/2

The problem is that Seaside is in my opinion not allowing me to express the 
following javascript:
$('#external_links a').click(function() {
    return confirm('You are going to visit: ' + this.href);

I have written in Seaside 

	html button
		onClick: ((html jQuery expression: selector)
				onClick: 'return confirm("You are going to 
visit: "+ this.href)');
		 with: 'Attach Click'

The above Seaside translates into:

<javascript from Source Halo>
<button onclick="$("external_links a").click(function(){return confirm("You are 
going to visit: "+ this.href)})" type="submit" class="submit">Attach 
</javascript from Srouce Halo>

As you can see the double quotes are a problem.

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