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Sat Feb 12 13:22:44 UTC 2011


A)	i load Seaside-REST-Core-pmm.13 into Pharo image.

	I don't  found example to createRoutes. 

	Any pointers would be greatly appreciated !


B)	I an seaside application i used Paypal  to manage the pay online.

	Now i'm interested to manage the paypal service for Instan Pagament Notification or Express Checkout.

	I can manage this request with Rest support ?

	Any considerations about solve this problematic ?

	Anybody create interface for this service ?



> On 11.02.2011, at 20:07, Sven Van Caekenberghe wrote:
>> Hi Olivier,
>> On 11 Feb 2011, at 14:36, Olivier Auverlot wrote:
>>> For a new project, i need to make web services based into the Restful architecture.My program must read, write, modify and delete informations in a LDAP directory. I can do that with Perl... but i want to try to use Pharo and Seaside :)
>>> Someone has experience for this type of application ? How to manage the HTTP commands (PUT, GET, DELETE and POST) ? Thank you for your help.
>> Do you want to do client or server side or both ? 
>> If you have a basic understanding of HTTP, the Zinc HTTP Components framework will help you get started very quickly. The code was written to be easy to understand and flexible to use. I have done both client and server REST interfaces on top of Zn.
>> There is also a nice Seaside addon framework (see Phillipe's reply). Building on top of Seaside it is both richer and heavier.
> To me those two are completely separate. I love Seaside-REST and use it daily. Not having to care about routing of path/parameter combinations but just to write methods with pragmas is great. On the other hand Zinc gives a good access to the structure of HTTP messages. Phillipe not only did the Seaside-REST but also the seaside adapter for zinc. So in my case I want this two combined: Using zinc server as an adapter and Seaside-REST to control url access. Inside the seaside handlers you have again complete access to mime based strucure of entities created by zinc. My first tests using the combination of both was really impressive. And this approach is straight forward combinable with a seaside web application, too. A box full of wonderful tools.
> my 2 cents,
> Norbert
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