[Seaside] Why - XHTML perfectly good names are now given en Seaside new names

Sebastian Sastre sebastian at flowingconcept.com
Thu Feb 17 12:33:35 UTC 2011

Yes... is not seaside names really. 

If you watch for the <p> documentation the first thing you see is that it is an html representation of a paragraph. Well to represent a paragraph in seaside we used the smalltalk culture that is to just say the name of the thing (I mean literally).

Smalltalk has this culture of enhancing readability paying some price in "writeabilty" but is nothing any decent autocompleter won't help you with.

I think the trade of is clever because, used properly, makes easier to have a nice flow of newbies who can feel it intuitive.

It makes easier for you to pretend that the virtual object is a real object.

besides that's why looking smalltalk code resulting from that is beautiful when compared with resulting html code (which hurts in your eye and brain)

The same probably apply to an abstraction to other stuff like javascript, squeak's own VM's C or whatever stuff you wrap with it



On Feb 17, 2011, at 1:21 AM, Fritz Schenk wrote:

> I don't think that the decision of using new names (for example paragraph for 
> <p>) is such a good idea.
> Why was it done?
> Thanks
> P.A. Wow the captcha for this post is 'crusade'
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