[Seaside] Re: Why - XHTML perfectly good names are now given en Seaside new names

Fritz Schenk intrader.intrader at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 19:30:08 UTC 2011

Julian, Ramon, Stuart, Boris, Stephen, Richard, Nick, Robert, Sebastian, Sean, 
Randal, Norbert:

This really hit a nerve!
But the reason to include this thread was genuine curiosity as to the reason 
for doing it the 'Seaside-way'.

Thanks for acknowledging, and all your very considered comments.

For your reference I include the message that instigated me to include the 

All those gyrations and messy workarounds to deal with incompatibilities with
2.8 to 3.0 - Note that HTML 4.0 was stable during the past 5 or so years. 

When you look at tutorials, in the short course of four years, there are 
numerous ways to do Seaside from 2.7, 2.8,to 3.0. Pretty much guaranteed that 
examples do not run in the latest.

A lot of you reference to the concept of 'smalltalkers do it that way' - I do
agree that 'between(x,x1,x2)' is somewhat more obscure than 
'x between: x1 and: x2'. 

I would like to know what Alan Kay feels about this.

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