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The package Grease-Namespace that is loaded by Seaside-All 3.0-7 
turns on IEEE floating point arithmetics:

Parcel: #('Grease-Namespace')
PrintStringCache: (3.0 - 3,mlucas-smith)
Version: 3.0 - 3
Post-Load Block: 
                [:package | ObjectMemory registerObject: true withEngineFor: 'IEEEFloatingPointPrimitives']

We are in the process of upgrading our app from VW 7.6 to 7.7.1 and we require division by 0 to raise an exception rather than returning INF.
We turned this back off by executing:

ObjectMemory registerObject: false withEngineFor: 'IEEEFloatingPointPrimitives'

The web site passes all our unit and selenium tests; so we'll leave it turned off - I just wanted to ask :
1. why was it enabled - which parts of seaside require it
2. how/when can it affect us if it's turned off


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