[Seaside] Logging

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Wed Feb 23 01:12:44 UTC 2011

On 02/18/2011 09:53 PM, stephane ducasse wrote:
>> For logging in GLASS, we've got the Object Log, which is basically an
>> OrderedCollection of ObjectLogEntries (name, priority, timestamp, object
>> reference) that is kept in memory...The advantage is that you can
>> inspect the items directly rather than print the information that you
>> think you need.

SimpleLog can do this too, and has a Morph UI even with search filtering 
and ability to filter on "sender" etc.

>> For GemStone, the size of the collection doesn't matter so I log all
>> kinds of things like mfc events, gems starting up and shutting down ...
>> the collection is shared across all vms, so you only have to look in one
>> place no matter how many server gems you have running ...

And if you use the syslog emitter with SimpleLog you will get everything 
in one place too - the syslog. :)

>> There's also a Seaside component for accessing the Object Log.
>> Other than having to manage the size of the collection, I think an
>> object log is superior to the print-based form almost every time:)
>> Dale

Well, I kinda like logs being "stupid" sometimes. They are around even 
if the db isn't etc.

regards, Göran

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