[Seaside] jquery widgetbox jeditable example

Milan Mimica milan.mimica at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 23:23:45 UTC 2011


	Not sure this is the right place, but the example page for WidgetBox jeditable 
component is whole wrong. It *installs* the script in onClick event. The 
consequence is that the first click is ignored. Should read "script:" instead of 
"onClick:" I guess.

html paragraph
	onClick: (html jQuery this editable
			callback: [:value | "used to let the user show the Saving... message, 
otherwise it is too fast"
				(Delay forSeconds: 1) wait. text := value];
			submit: 'keep it';
			cancel: 'forget about that';
			indicator: 'Saving...');

Milan Mimica

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