[Seaside] Rapidly deploy your Seaside application for free using Amazon EC2 and Gemstone

Nick Ager nick.ager at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 00:37:26 UTC 2011

Amazon's offer of a free micro instance for a year[1] grabbed my attention:

To help new AWS customers get started in the cloud, AWS is introducing a new
> free usage tier. Beginning November 1, new AWS customers will be able to run
> a free Amazon EC2 Micro Instance for a year...

I've created an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) (ami-7f9bae0b) which is
preconfigured with a webserver, Gemstone, GemTools into which I've loaded
Seaside 3.03 and latest Pier code. You should be able to use the machine
image to rapidly deploy your Seaside applications or use the AMI as the
basis for your own improved configuration, then share that configuration
back with the community. Creating and sharing modified configurations is
relatively straight-forward [2].

I've documented how to use my AMI to create your own free EC2 instances -
There's an accompanying screencast -
on Vimeo http://vimeo.com/18375790
I've also documented the process of creating the AMI -

Have fun


[1] http://aws.amazon.com/free/
[2] http://www.nickager.com/nasite/blog/CreateAReusableAmazonMachineInstance
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