[Seaside] Re: Need help fixing my image

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Mon Jan 3 16:32:02 UTC 2011

On 03/01/11 10:47 AM, sergio_101 wrote:
> in order to get it ready to save the image every half hour, i
> installed scheduler
> (http://squeaksource.com/@mlSPrDhf5NjYQ5So/UwX1Tlcu)..

You should use Pier Image Persistency. You login to your Pier site as 
"admin", and navigate to the system management pages, to set this up. 
You'll have to install OSProcess because it forks a unix process to do 
the save image, while the parent process continues serving pages. The 
child process which does the image save will no longer serve pages 
correctly, due to stuff done prior to the image save. However, the saved 
image should re-initialize stuff on image startup, and should then serve 
pages properly.

> i set up an instance of scheduler, and it caused all sorts of
> problems.. so i deleted the classes..
> unfortunately, the problems are all still there. it appears that it's
> still looking for the classes, and it keeps crashing with a system
> error. i will try attaching a screen shot.. it's not a debug error,
> but an actual system error..
> i can't reinstall scheduler, because that error pops up again, and kills it..
> if i could find whatever calls are being made to scheduler, i could
> delete that, and that should work..

Try: Open a Process browser from the World menu. Find the Scheduler 
process and terminate it.

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