[Seaside] Re: seaside Digest, Vol 97, Issue 7

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 21:19:38 UTC 2011

>>  SystemNavigation default obsoleteClasses isEmpty
>>        ifFalse: [SystemNavigation default obsoleteClasses
>>                do: [:each | [PointerFinder on: each]
>>                        on: Error
>>                        do: [:error | Transcript show: error; cr]]].
> whoa! okay... this is finding EXACTLY the problems i am trying to fix..
> once i find them (there are three) .. how do i go about deleting them?/
> thanks!
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> peace,
> sergio
> photographer, journalist, visionary

I wish I had a clever way and better memory about how I usually do this.

The PointerFinder class comment describes the contents of the window. 
It is a path to a reference to obsolete class.  In that window I find an 
array or ordered collection that holds the reference and delete the 
reference from the list of elements for the array.

Doing that hasn't created any noticeable damage for the rest of my 
image, but I'm not sure it won't do it to yours or anyone else's. I 
usually do what I have to do to salvage what I want and reload into a 
fresh image. I'd love to know a safer/better/more efficient way to do it.

The process I use is this:

The last line in the  Pointer Finder window starts with receiver:

I start reading upwards from that line looking for a reference to an 
array or ordered collection.  Once I find one of those I'll inspect  the 
Array or Ordered Collection (select it, right click, choose inspect). 
Then I find the item mentioned in the PointerFinder window that's just 
below the line with the Array or Ordered Collection I'm inspecting. 
Then just right click on the item in the OrderedCollection or Array 
'elements' list in the inspector and choose 'remove this item" or 
whatever it says.

Be sure to close all of the windows you have open except for the 
workspace you're running the above code in. I usually run it few times 
until completes without opening any PointerFinder windows.

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