[Seaside] Seaside authentication/login/user account package

Tony Fleig tony.fleig at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 22:31:38 UTC 2011

Hello all,

I have just published the TFLogin package at

This package provides basic user authentication, registration, and
account management for Seaside.

Features include:

    . User login component with username and password text fields,
forgot username, forgot password, register, and login buttons.

    . User registration component with optional reCaptcha spambot protection.

    . Edit account settings component allows user to change username,
password, email address and application-specific properties.

    . Optional email confirmation for registration and account
changes. Email content is provided by the host application. Examples
are included.

    . Multi-part HTML/plain text email.

    . Configurable confirmation email timeouts and cookie retention periods.

    . Forgot username and forgot password support.

    . Options to allow empty passwords, remember username in cookie,
and automatic login on return to the website.

    . Add additional user-related objects to the account edit form.

    . An application properties dictionary is provided that allows you
to store and retrieve additional objects along with the user account

    . All settings are available in the Seaside configuration page.

    . Test/demo application included.

    . TFLogin Guide document included (see the Wiki tab.)

Persistence is provided by a storage adaptor that can be replaced with
the persistence mechanism of your choice. The default provided is a
reasonably scalable file-based system using ReferenceStreams. Each
user's information is saved in a separate versioned file.

Tested with Seaside 3.0.3 and Pharo 1.1.1. Email does NOT work with
prior versions of Seaside.

See the Squeaksource project Wiki tab for the complete TFLogin Guide document.

I have integrated this successfully with one of my own existing web
apps and of course the test app included in the package works fine.
This is *not* a lot of testing and this is definitely version 1.0 or
less, so I expect bugs a-plenty will be found. I am still refactoring
the code, but that should not change the functionality or the public

All feedback is welcome.


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