[Seaside] One-Click Pier 2.0

Bruce Prior b.prior at ieee.org
Mon Jan 17 04:40:57 UTC 2011

 From piercms.com I have downloaded and run One-Click Pier and it runs 
OK if I choose the Default look or the Event look. But if I try the Book 
look, and click on the Book menu, I get an error, "this collection is 

I'm running OSX. Pier is running on Pharo 1.1.1.

Is this a bug in the Pier version, or do I have to somehow create some 
book content first?

I'm familiar with Smalltalk, and have done some rudimentary Seaside 
programming, but my first foray into Pier isn't going well. Any help 
would be appreciated.

Bruce Prior
Burnaby BC
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