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Tony Fleig tony.fleig at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 15:08:32 UTC 2011


Thanks very much for the criticism. I agree with you 100%. There is much
that should be done to make the package easier for styling. I have to admit
that I was leaving that work until I get my own projects that use TFLogin to
the point where I needed to deal with the styling. There's nothing like a
real-world example to expose problems -- as you have experienced. And I
wanted to finish off the tests (which are about 80% complete) before I did
any more refactoring so I would be able to tell whether I broke anything.

Unfortunately, I have been distracted by other issues and for the last few
days have not been working with TFLogin.

I can use all the help I can get with this. If you would like to modify the
classes to follow your suggestions I can make you a developer for TFLogin on
Squeaksource or you can email the code to me and I will make the
replacements. I would love to have your help.

If that is not something you can do, I will  make the changes in any case,
but it might take longer than you would like (and of course they may not
exactly meet your needs) as I will have less time for this than before for a

Thanks again for the suggestions.


On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 2:29 AM, AxiNat <tibabenfortlapalanca at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi Tony and list,
> I'm using your TFLogin package and must say it's a very useful piece of
> work. Every app I coded needed most features yor package provides, and it's
> really convenient to have them ready made.
> However, it is almost impossible to style its components because of
> inconsistencies in CSS classes and IDs, some components even have styles
> hardcoded in the rendering methods, which makes the styling process very
> tiresome for a designer. In some cases there's no other solution but to
> change the Smalltalk code or to use really ugly CSS/JS hacks. I really like
> your package, but I think a good refactoring focusing on breaking huge
> methods into smaller ones and structuring elements into divs and spans with
> their IDs and classes where needed would make it much easily pluggable.
> An example:
> *TLRegisterComponent >> renderContentOn:*
> *
> *
> *(...)*
> *self useRecaptchaInRegistrationForm ifTrue: [*
> * html tableRow: [*
> * html tableData *
> * colSpan: 2;*
> * style: 'padding: 10px;';  "This should be the designer's choice, not the
> programmer's"*
> * id: 'registercaptcha';*
> * with: captchaComponent]].*
> *(...)*
> Another example:
> *TFForgotPasswordComponent >> renderContentOn:*
> *
> *
> * html form*
> * class: 'forgotpasswordform';*
> * with: [ *
> * html text: 'Enter your username below and we will send an email message
> to you that will allow you to set a new password.'; break.  "It is
> impossible for a designer to add a vertical space between these two lines,
> as there are no divs or spans defined and the br element doesn't allow
> almost any styling. Even using a paragraph would work better"*
> * html text: 'Username '.*
> * html textInput*
> * id: 'forgotpasswordusername';*
> * callback: [ :v |*
> * self sendEmail: v ].*
> * html break. *
> * html button*
> * id: 'forgotpasswordokbtn';*
> * callback: [*
> * self answer ];*
> * with: 'Ok']*
> I hope you consider these suggestions as constructive criticism, if you
> need help refactoring or deciding what the CSS structure should look like
> please do not hesitate contacting me, I'll be glad to help :)
> Cheers,
> Bernat Romagosa.
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