[Seaside] Receive SOAP Calls with Seaside

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Thu Jan 27 16:10:14 UTC 2011


I created a Seaside (Pharo One-Click Image) Web Application (http://etumma.de) and like the Framework very much. Now I want to add a small SOAP service to the same image.

Seaside receives the call but I don't know how to get access to the payload. I tried the following to read the body of the call:

Transcript show: self requestContext request bodyDecoded; cr.
And also:
Transcript show: self requestContext request rawBody; cr.

In both cases the Transcript window shows only blanks.

Then I tried to load the SoapOpera package but it does not play well together with the Pharo One-Click image. It brings a lot of syntax errors.

Anyway I prefer to receive the Soap calls with Seaside and don't want to load (and learn) SoapOpera in additon.

Is there a way to receive the Soap Call header and payload with Seaside?


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