[Seaside] Re: Pharo/Seaside UI testing

Fritz Schenk intrader.intrader at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 18:55:23 UTC 2011

Tony, upon rereading the last phrase of my post, I realize that it is not clear 
at all. I will try to do better:

In the 1996 time-frame I built a framework for a large financial institution. 
This framework included an ORM also written by me in VB6 

A meta layer describing the object model and its db mapping, and most important 
field, object, and object collection descriptions that contained validation code 
written in a subset of JavaScript (compatible to JSCRIPT on the server, and 
JavaScript on the client). The validation code includes UI validation rules as 
well as Business validation rules.

HTML view layout was done by hand with the help of the meta layer render method, 
a pagelet framework was provided activated by business rules, etc.- the HTML 
included javascript generated from the model javascript subset to perform field 
validation and business rule validation. UI validation could be performed upon 
field modification, pagelet actions (show/hide), link and select field actions, 
save, cancel, and submit.  When a Get, Put, or AJAX-like (implemented through 
script and/or iframes), a payload is prepared - the payload contain a flag 
specifying whether validation was performed.

At the server, the controller interacts with the object model to perform if 
necessary validation prior to storing in the model using JSCRIPT. An event layer 
takes care of model initiated modification to fields, and objects, and trigger 
that appropriate validations. The controller takes create of generating 
instances of the model in such case that new instances of collections were 
submitted by the client. Dirty object management is performed by the model. When 
necessary, the model is persisted through to the db

The HTML view is not necessary for the system. 
A crucial requirement for the framework is that it include an interface 
(combination view and controller) where Business Partners can submit PUT and 
POST information (not validated).

In the last decade, some parts of the ORM and validation code have been replaced 
by C#. JSCRIPT turned to be almost as efficient as C# for the validation code.

P.S. I had not run into Magritte or Glorp at the time. I was influenced by IBMs 
pagelets, Corba ideas, etc.

P.S.II I appreciate your comment ands writing in this list


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