[Seaside] Using nginx file upload module

Nick Ager nick.ager at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 13:18:14 UTC 2011


Somewhat belatedly I've finally got round to documenting and extracting the
Nginx file upload and progress component and configuration I use:


Feedback always appreciated. If you experiment with the embedded upload
components (an interactive blog!) , be gentle I'm running on a free EC2
micro-instance: http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/#instance


On 16 June 2011 20:47, Johan Brichau <johan at inceptive.be> wrote:

> Hi Diego,
> We have it working.
> But without any special registered upload application that handles the
> callback. The callbacks get called just like they always did before when
> serializing a form. Are you sure you need a component to be registered under
> /upload? (see below and my previous email). We also do it without
> javascript, but that's probably only because we do not use the progress
> indicator module.
> As I said in my previous email, what went wrong in our config is that we
> made the upload go to a location called '/upload' instead of merely adding
> 'upload' at the end of the action url that is created by seaside. This works
> perfectly because seaside will just disregard that part of the url path that
> comes after the application name. In Nick's config, it's not necessary to
> add it at the end of the path because he has the app registered at the '/'
> location.
> Thanks to the three of you for sending me code and nginx configs. It
> definitely set us on the right track.
> Johan
> On 16 Jun 2011, at 21:26, Diego Lont wrote:
> > Hi Johan, hi Nick,
> >
> > Stephan and I made an implementation based on Nick's work on the upload
> component. It works currently under 2.8, and there are still some small
> issues, but basically it works as follows:
> >       - There is a component, you simply put on the place you want the
> upload.
> >       - It calls uses nginx for the upload.
> >       - For the callback there is component, that is registered under
> "upload" and has implemented the initialRequest that ensures the callback is
> called.
> >
> > The work that still needs to be done:
> >       - The callback is registered on the class side of the component. It
> is released when the component is called again and the session is expired.
> This does not work yet on 3.0.
> >       - Nick made an progress indicator, this does not work yet and the
> code is still included and some points
> >       - Nick made all java script in jquery, we made it plain javascript,
> since we have not upgraded our library yet. But this should be in jquery
> again.
> >
> > I will do some work on it monday, and will try to upgrade it to 3.0. Than
> I will include it on the mailinglist. I already mailed the current state to
> Johan, but it was made during our stay at SPA (London), and I did not had
> tested the package I made. Also the configuration was mailed seperatedly. So
> Johan, I like to hear wether it worked on your side. You can Skype Stephan
> tomorrow and me on Monday if you want some assistance.
> >
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