[Seaside] 0x0 character in html response string

Johan Brichau johan at inceptive.be
Mon Jul 11 17:14:10 UTC 2011


In some circumstances, I'm getting a '0x0' character at the end of the class attribute in my webpage.
This character is interfering with class matching for rendering and jQuery selection. In xhtml mode, it even crashes the page parsing.

Here is an example of class attribute with the 0x0 char:

class="decoration status-confirmedoption decoration-VerhuurA groupstart group-1283859969 group-1558129409� ui-selectee ui-droppable ui-draggable ui-selected"

The classes after the 0x0 character were added by jQuery after page load.

Although I can repeat the problem deterministically, I do not find the discriminating behavior with respect to class attributes of other elements.
The most common factor I found is that the character gets inserted when the string is 99 characters long.... add or remove a character and the 0x0 goes away.

The really strange part is that:
- I do not see the character when inspecting the response string that is served on the server
- I do not see the character when using an HTTP client (Zinc) to get the raw response
- I do not see the character in the page source when choosing 'page source' from the developers menu in Chrome
But maybe the above is just because character encoding is covering up for it... 

The problem occurs both on Firefox and Chrome, even with javascript turned off (to ensure that it's the bare page rendering).

Does this ring a bell with anyone?

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