[Seaside] Mac Image Broken?

Ted Wrinch ted.wrinch at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 16:33:37 UTC 2011

Thanks Sven,

That's helpful and I'll take a look at it. Anything like this I think will be v. useful if/when we go to production (still early days yet in the business's history).

I'm still puzzled about that percentage. On my Parallels Windows session it seems much more efficient, using between 0 and 1% (mostly 0). I think I need to re-test the Windows VM outside the Parallels environment, perhaps on a dual boot...


Ted Wrinch

On 14 Jul 2011, at 16:08, Sven Van Caekenberghe wrote:

> Ted,
> On 14 Jul 2011, at 10:30, Ted Wrinch wrote:
>> Spot on! I set backlogSize to 100, saved the image, re-started and re-benchmarked to get a figure of 200 (and that's serving an 8k or so dynamic page)! My machine is a 2 year old 1.86 Core 2 Duo MacBook Air with SSD. But this rate progressively drops on re-runs, and the image size goes up by 10M a run - maybe fixing the image memory limit would help prevent this drop in performance (they recommend 250M in the book)? I wonder if it's ok to leave backlog at this size. And we're still left wondering how Windows works (BTW: I was running in Parallels for my Windows tests, which might help explain the slower throughput).
> Doing very large amounts of requests in a short amount of time generates very large amounts of garbage (of specific kinds). The garbage collection policy could be tuned. There is something called the SeasideGCPolicy floating around. This is more for servers in production use. Another thing is that sockets might get cleaned up in a delayed fashion using finalization.
> It all depends, it is a quite complex field (what your app really does also plays an important role).
>> When you said in an earlier post that your image ran stable did you mean that it doesn't use CPU when sitting idle? I am still a little concerned that mine uses 10% (even the latest Pharo uses 8%) and it crunches through my battery when I'm away from mains.
> An image is never completely idle, 5 to 10 % busy seems quite normal on my Mac. It seems a bit better on Linux. I would not worry about that too much.
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