[Seaside] Re: Noob wants to render dynamic png file

johnhwoods johnhwoods+nabble at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 10:01:41 UTC 2011

Hi James, Lukas -

Thanks very much for the quick replies.  I think the main problem is
probably that I'm trying to run before I can walk, so I may not have been
clear enough in my question - but the two replies, taken together, showed me
what to do.

James pointed me at this:  

> MyWAComponent>>#'returnCSV'
> 	| response |
> 	response := WAResponse 
> 		document: self asCSV
> 		mimeType: (WAFileLibrary mimetypeFor: 'csv') 
> 		fileName: self caption , ' (' , DateAndTime now printString , ').csv'.
> 	response doNotCache.
> 	self session returnResponse: response.

This enabled me to put an anchor 'Get the .png' which, when clicked,
returned the image.  Not quite what I wanted, because I wanted it displayed
on the page and not offered as a download when a link was clicked.   But it
did show me how to set up a MIME document.

Lukas pointed me at this:

> ComponentWithForm>>renderContentOn: html
>     html image form: (EllipseMorph new 
>        color: Color orange;
>        extent: 200 @ 100;
>        borderWidth: 3;
>        imageForm)

Unfortunately I don't have WAImage>form: (is it Pharo-specific?)  but I
could combine this with James' help to give me this:

> MyWAComponent>>renderContentOn: html
>     html image width: 400; document: self getPngBytes mimeType:
> 'image/png' fileName: 'output.png'.
>     html horizontalRule.
>     (html anchor) callback: [self prev]; with: 'previous image'.
>     html space.
>     (html anchor) callback: [self next]; with: 'next image'.

...where prev and next decrement/increment a counter which determines what
bytes are served by getPngBytes.  Hope I have done the right thing
design-wise but it seems to work.  Thanks again for your very useful and
quick responses.


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