[Seaside] Cancel Button

Louis LaBrunda Lou at Keystone-Software.com
Wed Jul 20 17:35:56 UTC 2011


>You mean the browser still validates them? Well it's kinda expected.
>There is no cancel button in HTML so we just use a normal one and do
>callback trickery. Unfortunately the browser doesn't know about this.
>A possible fix might to to set the novalidate property on the form
>when the button is pressed.

Could one add some onClick javascript on a "cancel" button to set
everything to disabled?  I have a large textArea that I set to readonly
because I don't want it changed but I want the user to be able to copy (and
then paste) from it.  I then use javascript to disable it on a submit (or
cancel) so the browser won't send it back to the server, to save the upload

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