[Seaside] download and continue

Jon Paynter kittle31 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 18:15:23 UTC 2011

Im trying to setup my application to provide a download link to a generated
file, and then continue with the application flow after the user clicks the
download link.  My application generates a script file, then provides a
download link.  When the user clicks on the download link, it has to record
that the download happened, and then exit the script generation component.

I have the following method:

    self markAsApplied.
    self requestContext respond: [ : response |
        response contentType: 'text/plain';
        attachmentWithFileName: 'EMS.conf';
        nextPutAll: self generatedScript.

Which marks as applied, and causes the browser to download the file. But I
afterwards I need to call: "self answer: true"  so the component will exit.
just adding: "self answer: true" at the end of the method doesnt work.

I found WARequestContext>>respondAndContinue:  but that did not work -- the
block argument is a url instead of the response object

How do I resume processing after doing a download?
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