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Pat McDonald pat.mcdonald at mail.com
Fri Jun 3 07:55:13 UTC 2011

Using Pharo 1.2.1, Seaside 3.0 not sure about the Swazoo version but I think it's the latest version. No Apache front end for now as it's only a small site.

 Can't I run multiple sites using Swazoo ? Don't care to much about the performance for the moment.


 On June 3 2011 7:18, Philippe Marschall schreef:  2011/6/2 Pat McDonald  pat.mcdonald at mail.com : > Hi, >> I have a question regarding deployment of a Seaside site on a Swazoo server. > Development works fine using localhost:8080/mysite, but when I want to > deploy I want to use my.domain.com as url. >> Any hints on what I must do to make this work.  Well the computer needs to have this network name. What version of Seaside, Swazoo and Smalltalk do you use? Do you use an Apache front end? Cheeers Philippe
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