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Gaston Charkiewicz gastonnnn at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 11:51:06 UTC 2011

Hello everyone!
My name is Gastón Charkiewicz, I'm from Argentina, and I study IT
Programming in de Quilmes National University (UNQ). I'm developing a
certain domain in Seaside, and I want to model a folder hierarchy using a
WATree (I'm just starting to use it).
I have a "Folder" class, who haves a instance variable, "folders", a
SortedCollection (sortBlock given) with more Folder s. So, I prepared a
component called WAFolderTree, extending from WATree. It haves an instance
variable, "folders", with the folder hierarchy it's going to show. I have
this initialize mehod:

super initialize.
folders := Folder new.
folders folderName: 'root'.
folders subFolders add: (Folder new folderName: 'var').
folders subFolders add: (Folder new folderName: 'usr').

    root: folders;
    labelBlock: [:f | f folderName];
    childrenBlock: [:f | f subFolders];

(I'm just testing the class' vehaviour, I'm going to make it a Singleton
class after testings, and make it beautier also :) ).

The problem: when I render the containing window, I also render the tree
*html render: WAFolderTree new.*
...but I just get in screen "WAFolderTree". No +, even no selecting points.
Could you help me?

Thank you all!
Best regards,

Gastón N. Charkiewicz
"El éxito parece estar relacionado con la acción. Las personas de éxito son
activas. Cometen errores pero no se rinden." Conrad Hilton
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