[Seaside] JQAjax>>serializeForm: behaves differently using jQuery 1.6.1 and jQuery 1.5.1 & radio groups.

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 21:10:43 UTC 2011

Hi -

Using jQuery 1.5.1, JQuery-Core-lr.119 and Seaside 3.0.5 in Pharo 1.2.2 
JQAjax>>#serializeForm: will serialize a radio group that is buried in a 
form like this:

								radio group div


But if I load jQuery 1.6.1 the radio group is not serialized.

If I switch the radio group out for a textInput both versions of jQuery 
serialize the input as expected. The other inputs in the form are 
serialized regardless of the version of jQuery.   I know there were 
changes to jQuery's find() and closest() functions in version 1.6.  I 
imagine it has something to do with hidden inputs but don't know how to 
diagnose or fix why the radio group is not getting serialized.  I don't 
imagine that the deep nesting is a problem.

Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this or diagnose the problem 



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